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If you are considering adding a pool or pond water fountain to your pond, pool or spa, you have come to the right place. Aquascope specializes in pool and pond water fountain products to add to the enjoyment of your pond, pool or spa.


shower of diamonds
Shower Of Diamonds
Model TF
Cascading Head Fountain
Model TFC

"All fountains retract to the bottom of the pool when not in use"

Shower Of Diamonds is our original fountain and has been manufactured for 40+ years. It is a 2-tiered rotating fountain. The design of the water sprays approximately 6-8 feet high and 8-12 feet in diameter. The fountain head retracts flat to the bottom of the pool when not in use.

Our Cascading Head Fountain is a single spout of water that rises about 2 feet. The size and amount of water movement can be adjusted with the gate valve. Also you can special order the head placed nearer the surface of the water which will give you a higher, narrower spout of water. Any modifications must be specially ordered. The fountain head retracts flat to the bottom of the pool when not in use.


Now every swimming pool, pond or spa can be transformed instantly into a beautiful fountain with or without being lighted or fiber optic and increase enjoyment during non-swimming hours.

AQUASCOPE by Fountains For Pools
The telescoping fountain is an easily installed, valuable addition to any new swimming pool. When not in operation, the fountain is retracted in its own housing and does not protrude or cause any hazard to swimming. When swimmers are through for the day (or season) a twist of a valve - and the sight, sound and enjoyment of a fountain are all yours for poolside entertaining or viewing from inside the home.

The minimal flow requirements for the unique AQUASCOPE fountain head allow operation of the unit almost any standard swimming pool filter pump. NO ADDITIONAL PUMPS ARE NECESSARY. A one inch line, fitted with a gate valve, is all that is needed, in addition to the AQUASCOPE.

Illumination of the fountain may be provided by the installation of spot lights.

All AQUASCOPE telescoping fountains are constructed of durable, non-corrosive material for trouble-free enjoyment for the lifetime of your pool.

Our Aquascope telescoping water features also have the ability to be lighted by spot light or fiber optic. They are for either Plaster or vinyl lined pool or spa and retract flush with the bottom. We also offer a fountain spray ring; please contact us for more information on our Aquascope telescoping fountains or spray ring for your swimming pool, pond or spa.

Telescoping fountain (retracted in housing). Flush mounting (similar to main drain), provides no hazard to swimmers or equipment.

Telescoping fountain extended and operating (when valve is shut, fountain retracts auto- matically). Illumination can be provided by placing spot light under adjacent overhang (A) or in adjacent planter (B).

Order fountain by model number and actual water level

Model Number Actual Water Depth Pool Construction
TF-12 12" Plaster
TF-36 36" Plaster
TF-36L 36" Vinyl Liner
TF-42 42" Plaster
TF-42L 42" Vinyl Liner
TF-54 54" Plaster
TF-54L 54" Vinyl Liner

ALL FOUNTAINS ARE MANUFACTURED from TF-8 to TF108 in 1" increments
Allow 2 weeks for normal delivery.

Click here for installation instructions

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